Tora Mårtens

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Date of birth


Tora Mårtens
26 December 1978
+46 70 720 17 13

Tora Mårtens was born in Stockholm in 1978. She has a background as a still photographer and her work has been widely published in various magazines and newspapers and displayed in several museums and galleries. Tora Mårtens graduated from Dramatiska institutet in 2007. She directed and produced the documentary “TOMMY” in Cuba. “TOMMY” was s competing for a Golden and a Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival in 2008, and got awarded at Ann Arbor Filmfestival. In 2009 her film “Bye Bye C’est Fini” was awarded for best short doc: ”Interfilm Berlin ZDF Award” at the festival Interfilm Berlin. Tora was also awarded the “Boundless Media Contest Prize” in France for her film Dolce Vita with bacon.


2005 - 2007 Dramatiska Institutet (Department of Television), directing and producing.
2006 Internship at UR as segment producer at the show “Globalisering”.
1999 - 2000 Internship at CNN in Havana
1998 - 1999 GFU, stillphotography education at Folkuniversitetet.
1995 – 1997 Drama, Södra latin, Stockholm.

Prizes and monetary awards

2010 Doc Station på Berlinale Talent Campus with the film Colombianos.
2009 Bye Bye C’est Fini ”Interfilm Berlin ZDF Award”
2009 TOMMY ”Best LGBT Film” at the 47th Ann Arbor Film”
2008 Twelve for the Future with the film Colombianos.
2008 Film Stockholm "Talangår-stipendiat"
2008 "Boundless Media Prize" (WDR and EBU)
2007 Anders Sandrews stiftelse
2005 Svenska Institutet. Scholarship for studies in Japan.
2004 Svenska Institutet Photography award.
2004 Documentary Photography Prize at the Musem of Work in Sweden.


(2011, in production)
90 min. Producer: Antonio Russo Merenda, Hysteria Film

For Maria (2010)
14 min. Producer: Patrik Axén, Stavro Filmproduktion. Shown at SVT.

Bye Bye Cést Fini (2008)
14 min. Director & Producer: Tora Mårtens. Shown at SVT, ZDF, DR and at Folkets Bio.

Tommy (2007)
18 min. Director & Producer: Tora Mårtens. Shown at the Berlin Film Festival 2008.

Dolce vita with bacon (2006)
13 min. Awarded with the “Boundless Media Prize”.

TV- segments and short films for The Childrens World during 2002 – 2007

Tora’s segments and short documentaries have been shown in Sveriges television (The Swedish state television, public service), TV 4 in Sweden, BBC, O Globo (Brazil), SABC (South Africa) and Vietnam. The have also been published on the website HYPERLINK "" in nine different languages with one million viewers each month.

2007 Peru
Reportage about girls and young women who are forced to work as housekeepers.

2007 Senegal/Ghana/Kenya

Reportage from schools in about children who struggle for their rights and their education.

2006 Burma/Thailand

Reportage about children in a refugee camp.

2005 Senegal/Ivory cost

Reportage from schools in Senegal and Ivory cost where children struggle for their rights.

2004 USA

Reportage about children who’s parents are in jail.

2003 Brazil

Reportage about the “silent death”, - the death of children.

2002 Nepal and India

Reportage about sex slavery. Young girls from Nepal who have been tricked and sold.


2004 Our damn right. Atlas publishing house.
2007 Da capo. Journal publishing house.


Helsinki Art Museum
Fotografins hus in Stockholm

Selected Solo exhibitions

2006 Dunkers Kulturhus. “Our damn right”
2005 Röda sten “Our damn right”
2004 Fotografins hus “Our damn right”
2002 Dunkers kulturhus ”Me, poor?”
2001 Kulturhuset in Stockholm ”Me, poor?”
2001 The Museum of Work. ”Me, poor?”
2000 Lava, Kulturhuset in Stockholm. “The street in Havana”
2000 Ramos Blanco in Havanna.
1999 Zenit, SIDA “The nanny”

Seleected Group exhibitions

2007 The Museum of Work “Da capo”
2004 Document photo festival
2003 The Photography Museum in Sundsvall “Sweden-Finland 3-3”

Selected Reportages

2003 Dagens Nyheter, “Far away from the promises of the world”.
2002 Dagens Nyheter, “The trip to Colombia”.
2002 Dagens Nyheter, “Children of China”.
2001 Dagens Nyheter, “When the grownups die”.
2001 Dagens Nyheter “sex slavery”.
2000 Svenska Dagbladet, “Luis Aguero in Havana”.
2000 Svenska Dagbladet, ”The young leave Cuba”.
1999 Svenska Dagbladet “In the home of Compay Segundo in Havana”.


Swedish, English, Spanish