ReLEASED 2008 documentary. 14 min. Portuguese dialogue, English subtitles.

  • director: Tora MÃ¥rtens
  • IDEA & RESEARCH: Idji Maciel
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Niklas Nyberg, Tora MÃ¥rtens
  • Interviewer & sound: Idji Maciel
  • Composer: Andreas Unge
  • Editors: Tora MÃ¥rtens, Joakim Tessert Ekström
  • Sound Design: Martin Johnson
  • Producer: Tora MÃ¥rtens

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Bye bye c’est fini

73 year old Lina Merceis lives in a two-room flat in Rio de Janeiro. Lina works as a telephone operator and after she gets off work she enjoys life and entertains herself with one of her younger lovers. She has chosen to live a single life and rejects the idea of having to take care of some unrefined man.

The film was screened on SVT.